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Q: Hello?
Hello! We understand that as you're unable to see someone's online status your first impression may be to see if they're currently online, but please understand that when someone is offline they are only allowed to receive a certain number of IMs before SecondLife stops saving them. In order to prevent other people's IMs from being lost, please send only one message that contains your question and any extra information we may need. Your message can be 1,000 characters long, so don't be afraid to explain!
Q: I need to give the boat as a gift for a friend. Will you send me a copy with transfer enabled?
We cannot distribute transferrable boats that also have copy permission, and no boat in SecondLife should be without copy permission. If you wish to give the boat as a gift, our highly recommended option is to use the "Purchase "as a gift" feature on SlExchange. Before you do, make sure the person is online and not in busy mode! If SlExchange is simply not an option, you may contact us directly, but please leave a single, clear message as we may not be online and the offline IM cap can fill up quickly.
Q: Will you add feature X to my boat?
The boats are sold as-is. For example, the reason the Cobra G2 is so much cheaper than the other boats is because it doesn't have near as many features. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the time to handle custom feature requests, even if they're included in other models.
Q: Are you available for contract work?
No. We would only be interested in contract work if you are willing to pay a ridiculously high price. If you're not willing to offer more than half a million Lindens, please find someone who is actually advertising contract work.
Q: Can I have a free boat?
Unfortunately, we cannot give away our boats for free. Our most inexpensive boat is the Cobra G2 for L$200. At the average Linden Dollars exchange rate, that is less than a US Dollar. If you simply must have a boat at no charge, please check out Yadni's Junkyard or other free item distribution centers in SecondLife. Just remember that you tend to get what you pay for.
Q: Can I use the code from your boats in my boats?
We cannot give out the code that powers our boats, even if you offer to give us a cut of the profits. We would like to, in the future, release a framework with the basic features, but that will likely be a long way off.