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Seawolf Marina [visit this location]
Seawolf Marina is located in the Northeast corner of Wetheral. The Seawolf team was originally comprised of Solar Ixtab as the scripter and Verkin Raven as the artist. The first project they made was aimed at creating a fun and lifelike boat simulation in SecondLife, which they felt was lacking. Thus began the life of the Cobra series of motorboats. Later, Stickman Ingmann joined the team as another scripter. The SW series was then released, capped by the Seawolf Cruiser, the SWC. The SW series focused on additional features such as a guest driving mode, and a dialog menu system. The Tetra 35 was the first sailboat that Seawolf released.
Verkin Raven
Verkin Raven is the artist behind the design of the Seawolf boats. He is dedicated to creating realistic and visually appealing models that go above and beyond the traditional standards of SecondLife, pushing the creation tools to their limits.
Stickman Ingmann
Stickman Ingmann is behind the code that drives the Seawolf boats. He has put every effort forth to make the boats as easy as possible to use, and to preform the best they can.
Solar Ixtab